Greater Nottingham Education Trust (GNET) originates from Carlton le Willows Academy, which has consistently been one of the top performing schools in Nottinghamshire, in terms of outcomes at both Key Stage 4 and 5. The school places educating the whole child at the forefront of its work, it is heavily oversubscribed and has a very strong local reputation for academic attainment and educational innovation. It is also is an approved academy sponsor.

The creation of GNET arose from a genuine desire to build a formal union of primary and secondary schools who believe that there is no barrier to what a child can achieve and who strive every single day to help children grow into truly exceptional people. There can be little doubt that schools working together are in a stronger position to make this happen.

We believe all stages of a child’s education are very much interconnected; from school entry, to graduation from higher education. The entry requirements for universities and the range of skills that employers want young people to have has a powerful effect on what is taught in schools, even in early years. So we want to work with schools on creating a journey that could work as a whole for every child, with transitions that are handled thoughtfully.

We know that educational policies, theories and initiatives cannot be viewed in isolation and must always fit into the complex organisations which schools are.

Accordingly, we will work alongside schools to be able to understand what is possible in reality and show that it works.

We understand that to create truly world class educational experiences for children schools will need to embrace new information together with everything history tells us about what works in the past. For this reason we will foster a trust wide culture of sharing with everyone and learning from everywhere.

For staff we want to ensure they enjoy their roles, feel valued, supported and are rewarded for their professional work. Thus we are fully committed to providing first class training, coaching and mentoring and will do all we can to help each person achieve their dreams.

Wherever opportunities arise to support or improve the learning of children, and trust capacity exists to meet this need, we will aim to provide an educational service. The size of the trust is not a goal in itself, but rather it is the quality of service we provide that matters.

Ultimately, each school in the trust is expected to strive to help students, regardless of backgrounds, fulfil their academic potential and develop the character skills and leadership qualities they need for success and happiness in life. The Greater Nottingham Education Trust will operate on the basis of this vision and ensure it is delivered in every academy.

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