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GNET Trust

Our Board

Greater Nottingham Education Trust has a team of members and trustees whose combined skills, experience and knowledge support the Trust’s vision and purpose.

The Board of Members is made up of at least three people - original signatories of the Memorandum and any additional Member appointed by the Members themselves by special resolution.

The Trustees are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the Trust in accordance with provisions set out in the Articles. The Board is responsible for ensuring that high standards of corporate governance are maintained. It will exercise its powers and functions with a view to fulfilling a largely strategic leadership role in the running of the Academies. This will allow greater opportunities for collaboration not only with regards to teaching but also in terms of the management of each Academy, including the procurement of goods and services.

The Academy Trust will have up to eight Trustees (but no less than three) and also include the Executive Headteacher.

Trustees serve a four year term of office.

Our Members

Name Position Date Commenced Date Ceased          Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interest  
Mrs P Brown Member 31/03/2016                                   WT Partnership  
Mr J Garibaldi Member 31/03/2016 23/06/2020  
Mr P Jankowski Member 23/06/2020    
Mrs H Jeffries Member 23/06/2020    
Mr P Karat Member 31/03/2016 23/06/2020  
Mr G R K Martin Member 31/03/2016    
Mr D Vowles Member 31/03/2016    

Our Trustees 

Name Type of Trustee Date Commenced End Date Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interest
Mr J Anderson Co-opted 21/05/2019 20/05/2023  
Mrs P Brown Co-opted 26/11/2019 25/11/2020 WT Partnership
Mrs C Caille Co-opted 22/10/2019 21/10/2023  
Mrs A Dawson Co-opted 01/02/2017 20/05/2023 Mellers Primary School
Mr J Garibaldi Chair 31/03/2016 30/03/2024  
Mr P Karat Vice-chair 31/03/2016 30/03/2024  
Mr W Smith Trustee 31/03/2016 30/03/2024 Integra Legal Ltd
Mr J C Weaver CEO n/a n/a